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Scottsdale Stacker 1 kilo Silver Bar

CAD $1,229.69

SKU: 0000384

Scottsdale Stacker 1 kilo Silver Bar

An excellent size, shape and design for seamless storage, the Scottsdale Stacker 1 kilo Silver Bar is made with beveled interlocking edges for easy stacking. The front of the bar is stamped with the mint’s regal logo, the crowned lion with its elegant beard, as well as the purity, weight, and the phrase found on all American currency: "In God We Trust."

The 1 kilo size makes it easy to fortify your collection with beautifully made, high-quality silver. For easier authentication, the reverse is stamped with the unique serial number of the bar.

Enhance your silver collection with 1 kilo of Scottsdale Silver.


Mint                           Scottsdale Mint
Purity                        99.9%
76mm x 51mm x 28mm