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Assorted Brand 10 oz Silver Bars

CAD $452.02
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SKU: 0000467

Assorted bars will vary in style, brands and conditions based on inventory availability. They are 99.9% pure silver or higher.

Assorted Brand 10 oz Silver Bars

Presenting the Assorted Brand 10 oz Silver Bars – a diverse collection of finely crafted silver ingots that encapsulate the essence of investment-grade precious metals.

This exclusive assortment offers not only the allure of pure silver but also the excitement of discovering unique designs from reputable mints. Each bar within this curated selection is a testament to the craftsmanship of renowned mints, with varying designs that add a touch of intrigue to your precious metals portfolio.

The assortment may include bars from globally recognized refineries, making it a dynamic and valuable addition to any collector's holdings.

Crafted with precision and weighing 10 ounces each, these silver bars represent a tangible asset that transcends time. The diverse array of designs ensures that each bar is not only a sound investment but also a conversation starter, reflecting the rich tapestry of the global silver market. Investing in the Assorted Brand 10 oz Silver Bars from The Bullion People allows you to embrace the thrill of discovery while securing your wealth in a tangible and enduring form.

This collection is not just an investment; it's a journey through the world of fine silver craftsmanship, making it a truly unique and impressive choice for any discerning investor or collector. 


Mint                           Assorted Mints
Purity                        99.9%
Weight                      10 oz

Special Price No