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✈ Payment & Shipping

The Bullion People Inc. accepts a variety of secure payment options. We are committed to fast shipments. 

All payments must be sent on the same day the order is placed.

Payment Methods:Clearing Time:
Interac Online Debit 2 Business Day
CAD Personal and Business Checks* 10-20+ business days
CAD and USD Money Orders, Bank Drafts and Certified Checks* drawn on Canadian banks 5+ business days
Money Orders, Bank Drafts and Certified Checks* drawn on non-Canadian banks Various times, please contact
Bill Payments **** 5+ business days
CAD Wire Transfers 1 Business Day
Foreign Currency Wire Transfers 2 Business Days
e-Transfer** 2+ Business Days
PayPal *** 2 Business Days

***We accept Paypal payment for orders under $1500. The price displayed on our website reflects a 4% cash discount for purchases paid by any payment type other than PayPal. If you pay by PayPal, you will receive a manual Paypal payment request that will be 4% higher than the prices displayed on the website. 


** E-Transfers from first time clients will be subject to a 10 business day hold. If it is not your first transaction, for example, if you have previously paid with a check, and now you want to pay with an E-Transfer, there is only a 2 business day hold.

There's likely a limit on the E-transfer amount, we accept payments over the course of several days as long as the initial payment is made on the day the order is placed. The price will be locked in during the clearing period. 


**** Eligible Banks for Bill Payment: CIBC, Bank of Montreal (BMO), Scotiabank, Tangerine, National Bank, ATB Financials. 


We reserve the right to extend payment hold periods based on our discretion.


Direct Deposits/EFT – Please refrain from doing this


Due to the risks associated with these payments, there could be a 90 days hold period for payments made in the form of direct deposit, EFT, or transfer of personal/ certified cheques, banks drafts, money orders, or cash in our bank or any type of deposit to our accounts other than a wire transfer. The bank wire details provided to you are provided for the use of regular bank wire transfers only.

Shipping and Handling

We ship to Canada and The United States.


Insurance policy

All shipped packages are fully insured, have a tracking number and will require a signature. The package will be insured up to the point that the package is signed by the recipient, at which point, the insurance on the package will cease. Recipient should only sign for packages that appear to be in normal and non-tampered condition.


Shipping Methods

All orders will be shipped within 1 business days after payment clears*. 

Refer to payment options tab for the holding period for each payment methods. 

*The speed of delivery may vary based on client's previous transactions and order history. 



To guarantee the condition of the products are received in its intended condition, all products are securely wrapped and placed inside double boxed package that are filled with materials that will reduce the movements and shifting of contents. 



Once the order is shipped, a tracking number will be sent to the customer to monitor the shipping progress of the package.


Shipping Costs

Free shipping

Free shipping is available on all orders within Canada over $499 CAD

Regular Shipping Costs

Canada: Approximately $12 CAD