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RCM Ice Age Woolly Mammoth 2 oz Silver Coin

CAD $97.31

SKU: 0000699

The mighty woolly mammoth, a symbol of the Ice Age, stars in a 2oz pure silver coin from Canada's Royal Mint.

The colossal woolly mammoth, a behemoth of the Ice Age, takes center stage in the second installment of a bullion coin series showcasing prehistoric creatures. Hailing from Canada's ancient past, the Mammuthus primigenius stood tall at over three meters and weighed a staggering 8 tonnes (17,600 lbs). Its iconic, curved tusks remain among the most recognizable fossils from Canada's Ice Age era. This majestic creature is beautifully depicted on a unique 2oz pure silver coin, crafted to legal tender standards by the esteemed Royal Canadian Mint.
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